Shelton Family History
(July, 2003 Version)

This web site contain one family history book, "Shelton Family History" that includes over 8,200 individuals that are related to the authors. This book focuses on the descendants of the author’s oldest proven Shelton ancestor, John Shelton, Sr. (1) who married Catherine Messer.  In fact, John Shelton, Sr. is the oldest known ancestor of two of the author’s Shelton lines because John’s grandson, William Martin Shelton, married his first cousin (John’s granddaughter), Martha Adeline Shelton.  The Shelton line originated from Scott County, Virginia and Jackson County, Alabama with many descendants moving to Arkansas, Texas and other southern states.

The Shelton family intermarried extensively with Wininger and Pace lines that can be found two other family histories, “Pace Family History” and “Wininger Family History."  These books include over 150 intermarriages between these three lines.  In fact, many of the descendants of the David Wininger, Sr. and William Pace, Sr. that are found in the Wininger and Pace family histories are also descendants of John Shelton (1) by intermarriage.   Little is known about other Shelton related lines of the authors, however, short sections are also included on the Harper and Messer lines.  The authors oldest known Shelton ancestor, John Shelton (1), married Catherine Messer, daughter of Christian Messer (41).  John Shelton’s son, Nathaniel Shelton (2), married Mahala Harper, daughter of Jacob Harper (21).

Surname Index

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Table of Contents

Introduction John Shelton (1)
William Barker Shelton ( James Logan Shelton (
William Barker Shelton (1.2.5) John Robert Shelton (
Andrew Shelton (1.2.8) John Shelton, Jr. (1.4)
John Allen Shelton (1.4.4) Mancy (Shelton) Moore (1.4.5)
William Shelton (1.5) John Lewis Shelton (
Mary (Shelton) Lusk (1.5.4) Rachel (Lusk) Evett (
William Pace Shelton (1.5.5) Eldridge Frank Shelton (
Susan (Shelton) Sims (1.5.6) John Franklin Shelton (1.5.9)
Samuel Martin Shelton (1.5.10) Sarah (Shelton) West (1.5.12)
Noah Shelton (1.7) William Hugh Shelton (1.7.5)
Sarah (Shelton) Rains (1.8) Nathaniel Shelton (2)
William Martin Shelton (3) Virginia (Shelton) Foster (3.5)
Nellie (Foster) Seigrist (3.5.4) Florence (Shelton) Casey (4)
Shepard Shelton (9.1) Woodley Shelton (9.2)
Jacob Harper (21) Christian Messer (41)
Messers - NC Census - Martin Shelton (1.2)
Census - William Shelton (1.5) Geographic Index

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Nancy (Shelton) Dills ( World Family Tree, Volume 3, File 3905
Sabra (Shelton) Womack (1.3) World Family Tree, Volume 2, File 6183
Rachel (Lusk) Evett ( World Family Tree, Volume 10, File 1296
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