Thede Family History
(March, 2003 Version)

This web site contain one family history book that includes over 4,000 individuals that are related to the authors.  This book primarily includes descendants of the wife of the author, Diane (Thede) Casey.  Diane's mother is the daughter of German immigrants and very little is known on her mother's lines.  On Diane's father's side of the family, very is little is known on Diane's paternal grandmother who is the daughter of Swedish immigrants.  Over 90 percent of this book covers Diane's paternal grandfather and his ancestral lines.  Over a dozen of these ancestors immigrated to the United States and Canada between 1730 and 1870.  These lines include (with immigration dates): Thede (1860s from Canada); Aubil (1840s from Switzerland); Steeby (1830s from Switzerland); Smutz (1790s from Switzerland); Garver (1730s from Switzerland).