Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families
(November, 2000 Version)

This web site contain one family history book that includes over 6,400 individuals that are related to the authors.

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Major Surnames Covered

Common Surnames include:

1)  Lackey - 563;  Thomas Lackey, b. 1744, Ireland; mar. Margaret Stevenson, b. 1756, MD;  William Lackey, b. 1746, Ireland;  mar. Agnes Nancy Stevenson, b. 1758, MD;  George Lackey, b. 1759;  mar. Annie Stevenson, b. 1758, MD

2)  Stevenson - 276;  James Stevenson, b. 1721, Ireland, progenitor of Stevenson line

3)  Stephenson - 234;  Many descendants of James Stevenson, II, b. 1760, MD went by this spelling

4)  McLain - 116;  James Story McLain, b. 1860, NC;  mar. Jane Evaline Stephenson, b. 1815, NC

5)  Tucker - 103;  John A. Tucker, b. 1809, progenitor of Tucker line;  mar. Lucinda Arrington

6)  Arrington - 101;  John Arrington, b. 1761, progenitor of Arrington line;  mar. Mary Stevenson

7)  Wells - 84;  George Washington Wells, b. 1857, AR;  mar. Ada E. Patrick, b. 1860, AR

8)  Limbaugh - 82;  Amos Burl Limbaugh, b. 1848, AL;  mar. Sara Ann Lackey, b. 1851, AL

9)  Patrick - 68;  John Calvin Patrick, b 1837, KY;  mar. Sarah Arrington, b. 1838, AR

10)  Campbell - 63;  Fred Campbell, b. 1915, OK;  mar. Ora Wells Arrington;  Pleasant Levi Campbell, b. 1863, AR;  mar. Sarah E. Birdwell

11)  Brown - 62;  Wiley Loren Brown, b. 1883;  mar. Maude Belle McCann, b. 1895;  Lee C. Brown;  mar. Nellie Lackey, b. 1903, NC

12)  Smith - 62;  Charles Edward Smith, b. 1887, TX;  mar. Edna V. Stevenson, b. 1890, TX;  Robert Mayhugh Smith, b. 1857, AR;  mar. Louisa Jane Tucker, b. 1865, AR;  Robert Lee Smith, b. 1872;  mar. Margaret Elizabeth Limbaugh, b. 1869, AL

13)  Warren - 55;  James Washington Warren, b. 1828, NC;  mar. Louisa C. Adams, b. 1829;  David Brantley Warren, b. 1875, NC;  mar. Janie Lackey, b. 1887

14)  Steele - 47;  George Washington Steele, b. 1819, IL;  mar. Nancy K. Arrington, b. 1824, NC

15)  Thompson - 47;  James Thompson, b. 1776;  mar. Martha Lackey, b. 1779, NC

16)  Williams - 46;  Several small lines (Perry Williams;  John Albert Williams, Wade H. Williams)

17)  Adams - 45;  John J. Adams, b. 1808;  mar. Sophronia Louisa Thompson;  Thomas F. Adams, b. 1832, NC;  mar. Sarah Thompson, b. 1835, NC

18)  Hamilton - 45;  William Hamilton, b. 1809, SC;  mar. Catherine A. Stevenson, b. 1808, NC

19)  Barker - 43;  Howell Barker, II, b. 1788, NC;  mar. Hannah Arrington, b. 1787, NC

20)  Atkisson - 42;  Clarke Penn Atkisson, b. 1818, VA;  mar. Catherine E. Lackey, b. 1831, NC

21)  Sharpe - 41;  Hayne N. Sharpe, b. 1873, NC;  mar. Leah Josephine Lackey, b. 1872, NC;  Clarke Sharpe, b. 1896, NC;  mar. Manicia Creona Lackey, b. 1893, NC;  Ruel Yount Sharpe;  mar. Lois Eileen Lackey, b. 1909, NC

22)  Townsley - 39;  James Jefferson Townsley, b. 1872, GA;  mar. Lucinda Ellen Tucker

23)  Hulsey - 37;  Osker Franklin Hulsey;  mar. Catherine Stevenson, b. 1910, AR

24)  McBurnette - 30;  Jesse C. McBurnette, b. 1859, FL;  mar. Emma Lucinda E. J. Steele

25)  McCarroll - 29;  James Edwin McCarroll, b. 1831, KY;  mar. Susan L. Stephenson

26)  Sexton - 29;  Jonah J. Sexton, b. 1889, AL;  mar. Sena Atkisson

27)  George - 27;  Reuben Wilder George, b. 1813, NC;  mar. Hannah L. Barker

Total Number of Individuals in Publication:    5,600 (estimate)

Pedigree Chart for this book

_____(2) James Alfred Casey, born September 10, 1858, Madison Co., Ark.

(1) Louis Bertie Casey, born February 23, 1883, Arkansas

married Florence Larue Shelton, grandparents of Robert Brooks Casey

__________(6) John A. TUCKER , born 1809, Tennessee

_____(3) Annette Tucker, born November 12, 1861, Madison County, Ark.

____________________(28) John ARRINGTON , born 1761, England

_______________(14) John Arrington, Jr., born 1792, North Carolina

_________________________(58) James STEVENSON , born 1721, Ireland

____________________(29) Mary Stevenson, born 1765, Maryland

_________________________(59) Sarah Kelly, born Ireland

__________(7) Lucinda Arrington, born 1815, North Carolina

_______________(15) Sophia, born 1794, North Carolina

Descriptive Summary of this book
“Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families”

This book focuses on the descendants of the author’s oldest proven Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker ancestors.  These lines are related to the author’s Casey line (see pedigree chart above for the relationship between these lines).  The authors of this book are experienced genealogists and have previously published four family histories.  Robert Casey and his father, Harold Casey, published “Casey Family History” in 1980 and then published “Shelton, Wininger and Pace Families” in 1988.  Robert Casey and his mother, Bernice (Brooks) Casey, published “Brooks Family History” in 1982 and “Olliff Family History” in 1992.  Robert Casey and his mother, Bernice (Brooks) Casey, are currently compiling “Bryan Family History.”  Robert and his wife, Diane (Thede) Casey, are also compiling “Thede, Steeby, Aubil and Garver Families.”  The Casey family has compiled over 55,000 cousins so far in their research.

This is the first edition of “Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families” and was compiled by Robert Casey and Robert’s father, Harold Casey.  Although Harold Casey died on January 8, 1991, this book will continue to use his name as one of the authors because of his significant contribution to this project.  It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to preserve their Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker family history, write and contribute any information in their possession.  We are specially interested in copies of older photographs, family history recorded in Family Bibles, existing family history sketches, genealogical correspondence which contains a significant quantity of information, letters and diaries written prior to 1900, older legal documents, census records as well as recent additions to your families.

The authors would greatly appreciate receiving additional information and this information will be included in future editions and updates of this publication.  Much information received by the authors on our family history has been copied and revised several times prior to its inclusion in our book.  The authors have learned from experience that copying and interpreting family history information usually results is less accurate information.  Additionally, primary sources of valuable information as well as critical information are lost in this process.  If a large amount of information is derived from another person or existing written material, then please send the name and address of the source or Xerox the existing material.  The authors can not emphasize enough, the need and usefulness in locating and obtaining the original sources of research material.

Much of the history of the Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker families is incomplete and some may be incorrect.  The authors wish to apologize to those cousins whose information on their line is briefly covered or contains errors.  These errors and omissions can not be corrected without your assistance.  There are many of our relatives who are interested in adding to our family history but do not know that this book has been published.  Additional names and addresses of other interested family historians are very difficult to find without your help.  Information has been obtained from many sources and references are listed with each family sketch to aid future research on the lines contained in this book.

This book includes over 5,500 individuals and has over 40 photographs and illustrations (images not included in this Internet version).  This family history has not been published in paper form to date.  This book is currently 6 inch x 9 inch in format and is a candidate for paper publication as the size and scope of this family history represents a possible publishing project.  Preliminary versions (text only) of this publication and other publications are now available in electronic form as HTML files and Adobe Acrobat files.

This publication depends heavily on one massive research file from the 1950s, about twenty paper based publications, contributions from about 30 serious genealogists, around ten files on the World Family Tree, several hundred census records and several hundred original source documents.  Because only 30 living individuals have contributed to this publication, printing several hundred copies of a high quality hard back book would make it extremely difficult to recover printing costs.  A first edition of this family history could be published in paper form.  If you are interested in assisting with the publication of this book or you just want to find out more about this possible publication project, please contact the author for additional information.

Future Paper-based Publication of
Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families

Interest in this publication is probably very limited because very few individuals were personally involved with its compilation.  This publication was originally based on a vertical file of research notes that was found in the Dallas Public Library.  This research was conducted in the 1950s and none of the individuals involved are around to support any publication effort.  Additionally, this author was fortunate locate several major secondary sources which greatly expanded the scope of this publication with minimal involvement of others.  This allowed for a major percentage of the publication to be compiled without having any known descendants located and therefore fewer potential customers.  This particular line as also was well represented in the World Family Tree CD-ROM series and around ten files have added to this family history.

A very good rule of thumb for publishing family histories is to print two times the number in your mailing list of possible interested purchasers.  With only thirty contributors to this project, this estimate would result in printing of 60 copies which is probably accurate for the first couple of years available for sale.  After publication of this author’s family histories on CD-ROM and Internet, this author will then start publishing family histories in paper based form as well.  Which titles are printed first will be dependent on interest from relatives and their participation in these publishing projects.  This author greatly prefers to continue to publish high quality hard books.  However, with increased printing costs and with only thirty potential customers,  “Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families”  would have to be an economical printing or would require economic assistance from others.

With over one ton of books still on hand, this author would have a serious storage problem if too many titles printed and / or too many copies of these titles were printed.  Additionally, promoting and distributing these family history books is a labor intensive effort which distracts from the author’s time available for additional genealogical research.  The author’s last title, “Olliff Family History,” was an ideal publishing project for this author where over half of the books were shipped in quantity to several serious genealogists who contributed to the project and had a serious interest in the publication of the family history.  Around six individuals contributed to the project and all recovered their expenses within one year and all still have many copies available for sale.

This author will consider printing any of the nine possible family history books that could be printed.  This author will primarily publish future family history publications on CD-ROM and Internet.  However, this author is still very interested in publishing paper based publications but needs your assistance in the printing, storage and distribution costs.  The cost to print a family history ranges from around $500.00 to $5,000.00.  This wide range in costs is primarily based two primary factors: 1) the number of copies printed and 2) the number of pages included.  Contrary to popular belief, the quality of the publication is primarily based on the quantity printed not the publisher’s desire to pay extra for a high quality publication.  If only 100 copies are printed, a high quality hardback book costs more to print than family members are willing to pay.  For the printing of the “Stevenson, Arrington and Tucker Families,” below are the choices in $500 increments:

Economical Offset Press; 5.5 x 8.5 inches; perfect bound binding

$500.00;  $20.00 per copy; 25 copies; 280 pages; census omitted; no photographs; 40 images

$1,000.00; $20.00 per copy; 50 copies; 380 pages; all text included; no photographs; 40 images

$1,500.00; $10.00 per copy; 150 copies; 400 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 50 images

$2,000.00;  $8.00 per copy; 250 copies; 400 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 50 images

$2,500.00;  $6.25 per copy;  400 copies;  400 pages;  all text included; 10 photographs; 50 images

$3,000.00;  $6.00 per copy; 500 copies;  400 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 50 images

High Quality Offset Press; 6  x 9 inches; hardback binding

$2,500.00;  $12.50 per copy;  200 copies;  352 pages; all text included;  10 photographs;  no images

$3,000.00;  $15.00 per copy;  200 copies;  384 pages; all text included; 10 photographs;  30 images

$3,500.00;  $11.66 per copy;  300 copies;  400 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 45 images

$4,000.00;  $10.00 per copy; 400 copies;  416 pages;  all text included; 10 photographs; 60 images

$4,500.00; $9.00 per copy; 500 copies; 432 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 75 images

$5,000.00; $8.33 per copy; 600 copies; 448 pages; all text included; 10 photographs; 90 images