Pace Family History
(December, 2000 Version)

This web site contain one family history book, "Pace Family History," that includes over 7,500 individuals that are related or possibly related to the authors.  This book focuses on the descendants of the author’s oldest proven Pace ancestor, William Pace, Sr. (14).   This Pace line originates from Scott County, Virginia and Jackson County, Alabama with many descendants moving to Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, Kansas and other southern and midwestern states.

The Pace family intermarried extensively with Shelton and Wininger lines that can be found two other family histories, “Shelton Family History” and “Wininger Family History."  These books include over 150 intermarriages between these three lines.  In fact, many of the descendants of the John Shelton and David Wininger, Sr. that are found in the Shelton and Wininger family histories are also descendants of William Pace, Sr. (14) by intermarriage.   The ancestry of William Pace, Sr. (b. ca. 1745) has been documented in other publications and is briefly covered in this publication.