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Introduction      9-1 - 9-6
Pedigree Chart of Authors     9-7
List of Illustrations     9-8
John Shears Olliff (1) and Johannah (Jackson) Olliff      9-9 - 9-17
Elizabeth (Olliff) Stanford (1.1) and William Stanford    9-17 - 9-18

John Olliff (1.2) Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick) Olliff    9-19
Joseph Olliff (1.2.2) and Rebecca (Lanier) Olliff    9-19 - 9-44
William J. Olliff (1.2.5) Nancy (Green) Olliff    9-44
Benjamin J. Olliff (1.2.7) and Anna Olliff    9-44
Martha (Olliff) Rowe (1.2.9) and William R. Rowe    9-44 - 9-45

Benjamin Shears Olliff (1.3) and Elizabeth (Turner) Olliff    9-46 - 9-47
John Turner Olliff (1.3.1) Martha (Turner) Olliff    9-47 - 9-57
William Harvey Olliff (1.3.2) Eleanor (Tyner) Olliff    9-58 - 9-83
Joseph Olliff (1.3.3) Eliza (Graham) Olliff    9-84 - 9-103
Allen Zadock Olliff (1.3.4) and Elizabeth (Williams) Olliff   9-104 - 9-115
Joannah (Olliff) Turner (1.3.6) and Joseph H. Turner   9-115
Mary (Olliff) Folsom (1.3.7) and William I. Folsom   9-116 - 9-119
Martha (Olliff) McRae (1.3.9) and Phillip C. McRae   9-120 - 9-121

Joseph Olliff (1.4) and Rebecca (Donaldson) Olliff   9-122 - 9-123
James Olliff (1.4.1) Catherine (Beasley) Olliff   9-123
Matthew Olliff (1.4.2) and Elizabeth (Brannen) Olliff   9-123 - 9-136
Matthew Olliff (1.4.2) and Annie (Jones) Olliff   9-137 - 9-147
Elizabeth (Olliff) Aspinwall (1.4.3) and Allen Aspinwall   9-148 - 9-152
John Olliff (1.4.4) and Lucinda (Kirkland) Olliff   9-153 - 9-194
Margaret (Olliff) Jones (1.4.5) and Bassel Jones   9-195 - 9-200
Franklin Olliff (1.4.6) and Mary (Brannen) Olliff   9-201 - 9-214
Franklin Olliff (1.4.6) and Sarah (Nevils) Olliff   9-215 - 9-224
Mary Ann (Olliff) Akins (1.4.8) and Francis Akins   9-225 - 9-228

Susannah (Olliff) Brooks (1.5) and Williamson Brooks   9-229 - 9-238
Mary (Olliff) Robinson (1.6) and Allen Robinson   9-238
John Olliff (11) and Mary (Shears) Olliff   9-238
Joseph Jackson (21) and Anne (Jarvis) Jackson   9-239 - 9-242
Jarvis Jackson (21.2) and Catherine (Hodges) Jackson   9-243 - 9-245
Mary (Jackson) Brooks (21.3) and Jordan Brooks   9-245 - 9-247
Joel Jackson (21.4) and Sarah (Brooks) Jackson   9-247 - 9-248
About the Authors   9-249



Olliff Families of Virginia   9-250 - 9-256
Olliff Families of Georgia   9-257 - 9-258
Olliff Families of Other States   9-259 - 9-262
Olive (Olliff) Families of North Carolina   9-263 - 9-271

Census Records - John Olliff (1.2)   9-272 - 9-273
Census Records - Joseph Olliff (1.2.2)   9-273 - 9-282
Census Records - William Olliff (1.2.5)   9-283

Census Records - Benjamin Olliff (1.3)   9-284
Census Records - John Turner Olliff (1.3.1)   9-286 - 9-288
Census Records - William Harvey Olliff (1.3.2)   9-289 - 9-292
Census Records - Joseph Olliff (1.3.3)   9-293 - 9-294
Census Records - Allen Zadock Olliff (1.3.4)   9-295 - 9-299
Census Records - Joannah (Olliff) Turner (1.3.6)   9-299 - 9-300
Census Records - Mary (Olliff) Folsom (1.3.7)   9-300 - 9-301
Census Records - Martha (Olliff) McRae (1.3.9)   9-301

Census Records - Joseph Olliff (1.4)   9-302 - 9-303
Census Records - Matthew Olliff (1.4.2)   9-303 - 9-314
Census Records - Elizabeth (Olliff) Aspinwall (1.4.3)   9-314 - 9-319
Census Records - John Olliff (1.4.4)   9-319 - 9-336
Census Records - Margaret (Olliff) Jones (1.4.5)   9-336 - 9-338
Census Records - Franklin Olliff (1.4.6)   9-338 - 9-348
Census Records - Mary (Olliff) Akins (1.4.8)   9-349 - 9-353
Census Records - Susannah (Olliff) Brooks (1.5)   9-353

Social Security Death Records of the Olliff Families   9-354 - 9-363
History of the “Olliff Family History”   9-364 - 9-368
Statistics - Social Security Death Index   9-368 - 9-371
Statistics - Census Records   9-371 - 9-379
Statistics - Estimated Number of Descendants   9-380 - 9-382
Statistics - By Lines   9-383
Statistics - By Surname   9-384
Index   9-385 - 9-410



This book focuses on the descendants of the author’s oldest proven Olliff ancestor, John Shears Olliff of Bulloch County, Georgia.  John’s daughter, Susannah Olliff, married Williamson Brooks, both direct ancestors of the authors.  Around 1,500 descendants of Williamson and Susannah Brooks are included in the book “Brooks Family History” published in 1982.  Over one-third of this 400 page book is devoted to the descendants of Williamson Brooks and Susannah (Olliff) Brooks.  This edition of “Olliff Family History” contains over 7,000 additional descendants of John Shears Olliff not found in “Brooks Family History.”  This publication is the second book covering the descendants of John Shears Olliff as a 100 page book was previously published in 1971 and contained around 1,500 descendants.  This previous publication, “A History and Genealogy of a Portion of the Olliff Family,” was published by Martin T. Olliff, Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama and has been out of print for many years.  This previous book, with the permission of the author, Martin T. Olliff, Jr., has been incorporated into this book.

The authors of this book, “Olliff Family History,” are experienced genealogists and have published four family histories.  Robert Casey and his father, Harold Casey, published “Casey Family History” in 1980 (this book includes over 1,000 descendants of the author’s oldest proven Casey ancestor, Ambler Casey).  Robert and his mother, Bernice (Brooks) Casey, published “Brooks Family History” in 1982 (this book includes over 4,500 descendants of the author’s oldest known Brooks ancestor).  Robert Casey and his father, Harold Casey, published Harold’s maternal lines, “Shelton, Wininger and Pace Families” in 1988 (this book contains over 16,300 descendants of the author’s oldest known Shelton, Wininger and Pace ancestors).  Robert and his mother, Bernice (Brooks) Casey, also published the first edition of this book, “Olliff Family History,” in 1992.  Over 5,400 individuals were included in this 400 page book.  To date, it is estimated that over 59,000 individuals are documented in the author’s books and manuscripts.

It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to preserve their Olliff family history promptly write the authors and contribute any information in their possession.  We are specially interested in copies of older photographs, family history recorded in Family Bibles, existing family history sketches, genealogical correspondence which contain a significant quantity of information, letters and diaries written prior to 1900, older legal documents, census records as well as recent additions to your families.


Information has been obtained from many sources and references are listed with each family sketch to aid future research on the Olliff Family History.  Much of the history of the Olliff family is incomplete.  Additional information is greatly appreciated and will be included in future editions of this book.  Much information received by the authors on our family history has been copied and revised several times prior to its inclusion in our book.  The authors have learned from experience that copying and interpreting usually results is less accurate information.  Additionally, primary sources of valuable information as well as critical information are lost in this process.  If a large amount of information is derived from another person or existing written material, then please send the name and address of the source or xerox the existing material.  The authors can not under emphasize the need and usefulness of original source material.  There are many of our relatives who are interested in adding to our family history but do not know that this book has been compiled.  Additional names (with addresses) of other interested family historians are very difficult to locate without your help.

The authors wish to thank the major supporters that contributed to the printing of the first edition of this book and allowed the scope and quality of the book to be greatly expanded.  Without their support, this book would have been a soft cover book and would have contained only one-third of the photographs originally planned.  They also allowed twice as many books to be donated to libraries across the United States.  These individuals also supported this project with sizable pre-publicaton orders that allowed more copies to be printed.  These major contributors were:  John M. Winskie, E. A. Olliff, Jr. and Martin T. Olliff, Jr.  The authors would also like to thank those who supported the project with pre-publication orders of five or more books.  This support allowed the authors to order an additional 100 copies of this book which will allow the supply to last a much longer time.

This book uses the Henry Numbering System, a numbering scheme where the number assigned to each person shows their relationship with all other cousins.  This numbering scheme starts with the oldest known ancestor, John Shears Olliff, being assigned the number 1.  His children are assigned numbers by appending a second number separated by a period.  This second number indicates the order of birth, therefore, Benjamin Olliff (1.3), is the third child of John Shears Olliff.  Subsequent generations follow the same pattern:  Benjamin Olliff’s (1.3) daughter, Mary Olliff, is Benjamin’s seventh child and therefore is assigned the number (1.3.7).  By looking at Ira Treadaway’s number ( one immediately knows that Ira is the grandson of Mary (Olliff) Folsom (1.3.7) because Ira’s number consists of two numbers appended to Mary’s number (two numbers represent two generations or grandchild).



            (16) Robert Brooks

         (8) Jordan Brooks, born 1765, Virginia

            (17) Brambly

      (4) Williamson Brooks, born December 25, 1800, S. Carolina

         (9) Mary Cruse

   (2) Francis Asberry Brooks, born August 27, 1837, Georgia

            (20) John Olliff (?)

         (10) John Shears Olliff, born 1752, North Carolina

               (42) Benjamin Shears (?)

            (21) Mary Shears (?)

      (5) Susannah OLLIFF, born September 22, 1800, Georgia

            (22) Joseph Jackson

         (11) Johannah Jackson, born 1755

            (23) Sarah

(1) Robert Wesley BROOKS *, born January 1, 1876, Texas
   married Julia Ann Bryan, born April 28, 1878, Texas

         (12) John Hill, born 1800, North Carolina

      (6) John W. (aka Isaac) Hill, born 1822, Illinois

   (3) Rhoda Hill, born July 6, 1846, Arkansas

      (7) Mary Ann Reed, born 1820, Alabama

* Father of the author, Bernice (Brooks) Casey (married Harold Casey)

* Grandfather of the author, Robert Brooks Casey (married Diane Thede)



Declaration of Revolutionary Service by Joseph Olliff      9-2 - 9-3

Pay Stubs for John Olliff in North Carolina     9-5

Land Plats of John Olive, Effingham County, Georgia     9-6

Benjamin Olliff ( and Family    9-13

Marietta (Olliff) Fordham (    9-14

Marietta (Olliff) Fordham ( and Family    9-16

William Harvey Olliff (1.3.2) and Wife    9-48

John Lacounte Olliff ( and Wife    9-62

Martin Tyner Olliff ( and Wife    9-64

Hester (Olliff) Bass ( and Husband    9-66

Keeland Zadock Olliff ( and Wife    9-70

Joseph Olliff (1.3.3) and Wife    9-73

Warren Wolfe Olliff (    9-74

Charles Bunyan Olliff ( and Wife    9-82

Moses Epstein Olliff ( and Wife    9-83

Eustace Ambrose Olliff ( and Wife    9-86

Jackie (Olliff) Wallace ( and Family    9-88

Roscoe Whitney Olliff ( and Wife    9-92

Walter Arnold Olliff ( and Wife    9-93

Tombstone of Joseph Olliff (1.4)   9-113

Rebecca (Olliff) Winskie ( and Husband   9-134

Children of Rebecca (Olliff) Winskie (   9-135

Fred Euphrates Winskie ( and Family   9-137

Fred Euphrates Winskie ( and Family   9-139

John Olliff (1.4.4) and Wife   9-147

Tombstone of John Olliff (1.4.4)   9-148

William Wesley Olliff ( and Wife   9-149

Inman Jerome Olliff ( and Family   9-190

Children of Anna (Olliff) Cason (   9-223

Williamson Brooks, husband of Susannah (Olliff) Brooks (1.5)   9-230

Brooks and Whittington Family Reunion (1.5)   9-231