Adobe Acrobat Versions of Family Histories

The Adobe Acrobat versions of these publications are redundant with the HTML versions available at this web site. When compared with the HTML versions, the Acrobat versions are far superior in appearance and provide excellent printer output. HTML is quite crude in functionality when compared to the Acrobat versions. Acrobat is is EXACTLY what is printed and displayed. HTML is the best fit that Ventura Publisher can produce within the limited functionality of HTML. Also, the response time to load any page is five to ten times faster than HTML files. This is because HTML downloads a chapter (50 KB to 100 K) at a time whereas Acrobat downloads only one page (usually (5 KB to 10 KB). Do you part in reducing Internet traffic congestion by requesting only information that you need.

How to Download and Install Adobe Acrobat

How to Customize Adobe Acrobat

How to Access Publications using Adobe Acrobat

How to Download Acrobat Publications for offline viewing

Estimates for Download Times of Acrobat Publications

How to Download and Install Adobe Acrobat

Be sure that you download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is Version 4.05c. Many download sites are backlevel and only have Version 4.05, 4.0, 3.02 or 3.01 available. The file name to download for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 version is ar405eng.exe. This file is an executable program that must be run in order to install the program (downloading the file does not install the program, it only downloads the installation file).

There are two versions of the Adobe Acrobat reader program. One version includes the search functionality and is much larger in size. This site and most other sites do not require search, so it is recommended that you download the version without search. The search program requires a server side Acrobat software to be installed at your web site server and is rarely available.

It is highly recommended that the Adobe Acrobat reader program be installed as a plug-in to your browser, not as a helper application. With Adobe Acrobat Version 4.0.5c, this requires a little customization. This site was optimized for plug-in use and will not work as well when Adobe Acrobat is installed as a helper application. To verify that the plug-in version is being used (Netscape Navigator), check under Edit - Preferences - Navigator - Applications. Select Acrobat and it should state: Handled by: Plugin.

When Adobe Acrobat is configured as a helper application, page on demand does not work and the browser will attempt to download the entire Acrobat publication which will take 10 to 30 minutes with a 33,000 bps modem. If this download is stopped, a 2.0 MB file and 4.0 KB file are left in the Windows temporary directory and the cache will have partial copy of your requested Acrobat file. Future access to the same Acrobat file could result in both the browser and the Acrobat Reader hanging up. If you ever re-install or upgrade your browser, you will have to re-install the Acrobat reader program again, the Acrobat Reader must be always installed last to work properly (this is true for most browser plug-ins).

In order to maximize stability of your browser program and plug-in programs (Acrobat Reader and others), you should upgrade about once every year. Even more important, when you upgrade either a plug-in or your browser, the browser and plug-ins should all be upgraded at the same time. As of November 15, 2000, Netscape Navigator is at V4.76 and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is at V4.05c. To verify your current release levels:

For Netscape Navigator: "Help - About Communicator" will display the current release level.

For Adobe Acrobat Reader: "Help - About Acrobat Reader" will display the current release level (that long number at the top left corner should start with 4.05c).

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your personal computer, it can be downloaded from the Internet (the reader install file without search is 5.6 MB and takes around 20 minutes to download on a 56 kps modem):

Adobe Acrobat Download Site

How to Customize Adobe Acrobat


"Allow Background Downloading" should NOT be checked (very important). Otherwise, page-on-download is not available for lightening fast access (under one second to any page in thousands). Files can take 20 to 60 minutes to download the entire file.

"Web Browser Integration" should be checked (very important). Again, page-on-demand will not work properly unless this change is made.

"Use Page Cache" should be checked (optional - but can dramatically reduce time to next page). This feature downloads several pages ahead of time to improve performance of sequential reading through an Acrobat publication.

Under "Magnification - Default Zoom:" Change to "Fit Visible" (optional). This site can be read much better when this value is set, otherwise, the white margins in the book appear and the text is much smaller and harder to read.

"Display Splash Screen at Startup" should be NOT be checked (optional). This minor improvement eliminates the Adobe advertisement and makes the initial page to access much faster and more reliable.

If the Adobe Acrobat file continues to download, hit the page advance button (single triangle pointing to the right) and the download should stop after a few seconds. Several other actions that result in a new page being loaded will to stop the download as well. After you stop the download the first time, subsequent access to Adobe Acrobat files will work properly (and very fast). When Adobe Acrobat is loaded as a plug-in program, the Acrobat file is displayed within the browser window. Once you have finished viewing the Acrobat file, the browser back button will still take you back to previous HTML web sites (no matter how many pages you looked at within the Acrobat file).

How to Access Publications using Adobe Acrobat

If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your personal computer, then you are ready to access the publication. But before you head out and access these Adobe Acrobat files, a warning is order that this technology is leading edge (providing really neat features) but is also fragile and requires special attention to some customization. If you take these steps, you will have a more enjoyable and productive experience in using these files. Even though you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, review the installation and customization section, as you probably do not have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat and you probably do not have your Acrobat Reader properly customized as required.

List of Books (Adobe Acrobat Versions)

How to Download Acrobat Publications for offline viewing

There are two ways to download Adobe Acrobat publication files:

1) On the page that has the links to the Adobe Acrobat file, right click on link, choose "Save Link As" and then pick a directory where you want to save the file.

2) Once the Adobe Acrobat file is opened, go to "File - Save As" in your browser, select "Save As" and pick a directory where you want to save the file.

Unfortunately, you will be saving these files at normal Internet transfer (HTTP) speeds that are much slower than File Transfer Protocol (FTP). File Transfer Program capability is not available with my current web service. These files are very large and may take over one hour to download, therefore, only download these files if you feel that you want these files on your computer. Also, these files will be updated every three to six months requiring additional downloads to keep current. Downloading of these files dramatically increase the traffic at this web site and may have to restricted in the future. Having these files on your computer will save time on the Internet and will make this information available offline and can be put on a laptop computer for usage on research trips.

The Adobe Acrobat PDF files are very large and could require up to one hour to download (14,440 bps modem). Download times for "Estimates for Download Times" are best case using 33,000 bps modems and 56,000 bps modems and are dependent on the file size of the Acrobat publication. Most download times will be 20 to 30 percent more time than shown below because of distance to local phone switches, how many systems between your Internet Service Provider and this web site, speed of your Internet Service Provider web servers and many other factors that influence Internet performance. With a 56,000 bps modem, the download times would be fairly accurate unless you have trouble getting fast connection from a remote location. At a business site or government site that has a T1 connection (1.54 Mbps), the download times average around 400,000 bps (50 K bytes per second), all publications takes one minute or less to download.

Estimates for Download Times of Acrobat Publications

Estimates for Download Times of Acrobat Publications

Size of File (KB) Download Time
56 Kps
Download Time
33 Kps
Family History Title
4,225 KB 16.9 minutes 28.7 minutes Brooks Family History
4,039 KB 17.3 minutes 29.4 minutes Bryan Family History
3,003 KB 12.9 minutes 21.8 minutes Casey Family History
3,474 KB 15.1 minutes 25.7 minutes Olliff Family History
3,595 KB 16.7 minutes 28.3 minutes Pace Family History
4,265 KB 17.6 minutes 29.9 minutes Shelton Family History
3,092 KB 13.5 minutes 22.8 minutes Stevenson Family History
1,658 KB 7.12 minutes 12.1 minutes Thede Family History
4,102 KB 16.7 minutes 28.4 minutes Wininger Family History
21,044 KB 85.7 minutes 145.7 minutes All of the Above